Things to do

bird and carter


Very close by is Fonthill Estate - a lovely place for a gander. It’s all rather grand with its large stone arches and 1 mile lake, even Johnny Depp’s been. He said it was alright. Fancy a coffee or cake en route? Head to our friends at Bird & Carter. They’re fab, it’s a cosy spot, and it makes the romp a little more worthwhile.

wardour castle

Wardour Castle

Close to nearby Tisbury is Wardour Castle. Originally built as a lightly fortified luxury residence for comfortable living and lavish entertainment, it’s one of those obvious nearby places to have a look at, and a look out from; the views are lovely. Wouldn’t recommend staying there though – the windows are a little frayed.

cranks and planks

Electric Mountain Biking

Also in Tisbury is Cranks and Planks, an e-mountain biking hire shop. Run by ardent Grosvenor locals, Charlie and Julie Pickup, a day on their bikes is a real hoot. We recommend a trip to Wilton via Grovely Woods.

matthew burt

Matthew Burt's Shop

Just over the road from us in the High Street is Matthew Burt’s shop: a treasure trove of world-class furniture, gifts and accessories, all designed and made in the village by Matthew and his team of expert makers and apprentices. They create everything from pencil boxes to Swiss chalet interiors and the work is stunning. Go and see for yourself!

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